Using digital tools in education...

At Newstead we have been using a variety of Web2.0 and other digital tools.

Much of the work with Year 7 has been done using wikis - pages here describe some of these and show examples of student work and views.
The wikis have enabled the students to collaborate online and reflect on their learning.

Google Forms have been explored and a form used for a year 7 class to assess their use of Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills in Mathematics.

Many other Web 2.0 tools have been explored, a **WordPress blog** has been created for staff with links and information and another for students.
Pages here show some student uses of these tools.

How is this technology enhancing students’ learning?

A Year 7 class and I have been considering how our use of the technologies is supporting the development of our personal, learning and thinking skills. Our ideas can be seen on the PLTS-Web2.0 page.