The first wiki created was a wiki for our Year 7 Mathematics class which is used regularly.
We have many pages for individual topics.
The pages include resources for that topic and also any resources that we create such as stories or posters.

Why Use A Wiki?

Some advantages of a Wiki compared to Moodle - student perceptions - by Emma
(with music!)
Wiki vs Moodle on PhotoPeach

Comments on our use of various online resources:

Learning Journals

A wiki where each student has a page for a journal.**Sample pages**
In fact there are two such wikis one for Maths and one for History.
7S thoughts on learning journals (with music!)
Learning Journals on PhotoPeach
In the Maths Journals wiki - some people also have extra pages - such as a cv pages, PLTS pages such as the ones you can see on this wiki, test reviews and targets.

21st Century Skills page external image pdf.png 21st+Century+Skills.pdf

Why use a journal?

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Achieving Targets Wiki

Following our Academic Tutoring where students reflect on how they are getting on with their tutors and set themselves appropriate targets the Achieving Targets wiki was set up. It allows discussion on how they are getting on as well as providing resources to support various targets. More reading than interaction has happened but this does provide a useful space for adding resources to and can be developed further.

Sample Pages

Home page: external image pdf.png home - targets.pdf

Writing Targets: external image pdf.png Writing.pdf

Rachel created this page on
How are you going to achieve your targets?

external image pdf.png How will you achieve your targets.pdf